1 Down 5 Up: An interview with Leo McElrath IV

We are excited to launch a new blog series called 1 Down 5 Up which will feature profiles on great riders from around the globe, going the long mile and supporting the pack. We are going to ask the same 7 questions (1 down/neutral/5 up) to all interviewees on a flash interview format. The aim is to get different points of the views, experiences, and tips on riding to share with all of you fine readers.  We hope you enjoy!


Leo McElrath IV

Instagram: lm4photo
YouTube Channel: LM4 Photo

One Down

MW: Why you ride?
Leo: I initially started riding as an economical way to get to and from work and to save gas. Once I really learned to ride I started to truly enjoy the ever changing smells, the temperature fluctuations from the valleys to the hilltops, and the time alone with nothing but my thoughts. I ride for recreation, fellowship with friends, and to stay consistent with my personal relationship with self.

Leo rocking the Motorwolf LOBO vest next to no other than Willy G. Davidson
Leo rocking the Motorwolf LOBO vest next to no other than Willy G. Davidson



MW: What was on your playlist during your last ride?
Leo: I listen to everything from old school rap to 90's country, to thrash metal and classic rock.

Five Up

MW: Free weekend, where do you love to ride locally?
Leo: I enjoy day trips to the Harley shops within 150 mile radius of home, always a good day ride and we try to find a new eatery that we haven't tried before.

MW: What has been your all-time favorite place to ride since you started riding?
Leo: Favorite place to ride has been the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado.  US 550 from Montrose, CO to Durango, CO... absolutely stunning views.

MW: Bucket List places to ride?  Which one is next?

  • Going to the Sun Road/Glacier National Park
  • Rocky Mountain National Park Colorado
  • North side of the Grand Canyon
  • complete loop around Lake Michigan
  • Mt Rushmore and surrounding areas

Next big ride is still being thought about, nothing solid yet.

MW: Favorite tip you have learned since riding?
Leo: There is no room for being in a hurry on your motorcycle, always take your time and enjoy the journey. 

MW: Dream bike / Next bike?
Leo: Dream bike would be a CVO HD Ultra Classic

The basics

What bike(s) is in your garage?  
I currently ride a 2016 Roadglide Special

Years Riding?
Since 2002

Your riding gear?

  • Helmet: Simpson
  • Vest: Motorwolf LOBO
  • Jacket: Harley
  • Boots: Danner Waterproof 8"SWAT style boots
  • Gloves: ICON Timax Glove

The optionals

Group rider or solo?
I really enjoy riding solo

Favorite Bike Event, Run, Rally to attend?  
I can't say that I've really made it any priority to attend a "big" bike event, I definitely would like to make plans for Sturgis and Daytona some year, just hadn't been a priority for me.

Any other hobby besides riding?  
I enjoy photography a heck of a lot and really wish I was better at it.

Well we couldn't disagree more, Leo is a fantastic photographer. Be sure to give him a follow at his Instagram and YouTube Channel. We hope you enjoyed this new blog, if you have any recommendations for future interviews please let us know by sending an email through our CONTACT page. Cheers!

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  • MooseHead

    Enjoyed that thanks. Have just got in from work, flopped in a chair knackered and this piece galvanised me into getting back up and going out to put the bike on charge so I can start riding again the end of this week after the winter layup. Leo’s photos look pretty good to me!

  • Gucci3166

    Very cool interview, had the pleasure of meeting Leo on his trip this past summer to the Grand Canyon. I myself was on my first big trip. Leo gave me some great tips and recomendations for my journey back home to Michigan from Arizona. After checking out his Instagram page, I learned more about MotorWolf and plan to order a LOBO vest in the very near future. Love the Black Denim.

  • SheBull

    Enjoyed this first of a series and Leo is a great photographer already! I will continue to follow. Kudos!

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