1 Down 5 Up: An interview with Tyler S. Popinov

A Motorwolf conversation with Lords of Gastown co-founder, owner, and mastermind of the Vancouver motorcycle scene badassery. Enjoy!

Tyler S. Popinov

Instagram: @lordsofgastown

One Down:

MW:  Why you ride? 
Tyler:  For me its been about freedom and healing. Riding is really a type of meditation and a healthy form of escapism. I have Crohn's disease and was stuck in bed for the better part of 4 years around age 27.  I was consumed by day dreams of riding motorcycles and playing music.  


MW:  Beer or Whiskey? Brands?
Tyler:  Both.  Coors, Banquette, 805, Tecate, Irish - Jameson, Rye - Crown Royal, Bourbon - Bullet, mostly any Glen will do for Scotch

MW:  What was on your playlist during your last ride?
Tyler:  I almost never listen to music when I ride.  I DJ’d for 12 years and fell in love with the sound of the Harley.  One of my favourite sounds is when two Harley motors syncopate and harmonize.  But if I do listen to music it's QOTSA, NIN, Metallica, Eagles of Death Metal, Johnny Cash, etc.

Five Up:

MW:  Free weekend, where do you love to ride locally?
Tyler:  Whistler, Shuswap, Harrison, Duffy Lake.

MW:  What has been your all-time favorite place to ride since you started riding?
Tyler:  The Rio Grande New Mexico HWY.. Not sure if thats the right name but is rad.

MW:  Bucket List places to ride? Which one is next?
Tyler:  Iceland & Norway being viking and all. We are headed to Mazatlán & Baja in 3 weeks.

MW:  Favorite tip you have learned since riding?
Tyler:  Bike Air Conditioning.  I over heat and get dehydrated easy from the Crohn's disease.  Biker AC = Stabbing holes in the top of a water bottle so it mists you in the wind. When the heat is really on I get gas station ice and put it in a plastic bag and poke holes in it, wrap it in a bandana and tie it around my neck with the ice on the back of my neck.  All your blood passes there so its a cool location to chill. With the right amount of ice it last the same as one tank of gas.

MW:  Dream bike / Next bike?
Tyler:  FXRT / TSport

The basics:

What bike(s) is in your garage?
FXR, 883 Tracker, FXDL x 2

Years Riding

General riding gear list

  • Helmet - Ghost Bandit Simpson 
  • Vest & Jacket - Lords of Gastown
  • Boots - Daytons or Lords

The optionals: 

Group rider or Lobo?

Favorite Bike Event, Run, Rally to attend?

  • Our Strong & Free Show & Shine
  • Born Free
  • The Spirit Quest
Any other hobby besides riding?
Snow Boarding, Wake Boarding, Camping, Tattooing, & Smoking Weed 



Our 1 Down 5 Up blog series will feature profiles on great riders from around the globe, going the long mile and supporting the pack. We are going to ask the same 7 questions (1 down/neutral/5 up) to all interviewees on a flash interview format. The aim is to get different points of the views, experiences, and tips on riding to share with all of you fine readers.

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