Motorwolf Fall Run 2017 | #RIDEFARFORPR



Good people riding far for a good cause

It was a perfect Fall day, last Saturday October 28th, to host our first Motorwolf group ride and after party.   Even better, it was all for a good cause, to raise money for United for Puerto Rico and help our fellow Americans who were affected by the recent Hurricanes.

We arrived at Astoria Park in Queens, under the Hell Gate Bridge around 10am.  As we finished setting up the sign-in table and refreshments, the familiar rumble of engines started making their way towards us.   The group of riders could not have been more diverse yet the connections were instant.   Conversations ranged from motorcycles to favorite rides, music to family, and even cowboy boots were covered.

Before kick stands up, we gathered together and reviewed the route along with certain hazards to be aware of.   Getting out of the city in a compact group could be a challenge and also the seasonal elements of loose leaves on the road.  Our own Miguel “Lobo” Oldenburg took the lead escorting the ride.   We also had two veteran riders to help as road captains – John Keigans and David Gutierrez. The intention was to not only ride far, but safe.


The ride to Warwick, NY was smooth (minus losing one rider who got a flat tire by the Deegan in the Bronx).  We rode in a double parallel column through a highway section of about 30 miles. Then we turned into the beauty of the Skyline Road shifting to a single staggered formation. The ride climbed up to the Wanake and Monksville reservoirs,  then rode by the edge of the Greenwood Lake and carved our way up to the town of Warwick. We were blessed with peak foliage views and windy country roads, especially at the end where we draw the route through some small farmland roads. Zipping through the line was our friend Patty capturing rolling photo’s and video during the ride.

Our destination was at our dear friend Susan (aka Sue Chef) Raia’s home, to take a nice break from the 60 mile ride.  Talk about hospitality…  letting a bunch of bikers you didn’t know into your home?!  We ate some soul food and had a drink to refuel for the return ride.  Mulligan, her beautiful black lab was our mascot.  We took a moment to give thanks, take a group picture, and wrapped up the stop with a proper Bear Shot!

The ride back to NYC was a free form, and some of us went through the Harriman park.  We took one stop for gas and another for some pictures. As part of the ride we wanted to have a “Portrait Session” to gift the riders with some cool images of them with their bikes, as a cool memoir of the day. We set up under a beautiful spot surrounded by fire yellow trees and a lake in the backdrop where the photos were taken. 

We ran a bit late for our scheduled after party at the Cobra Club in Bushwick Brooklyn.  Thankfully everyone was running a bit late.  Big shout out to Ian Clarke who helped us secure the venue and Tracy from Cobra Club who helped us get everything ready before we arrived.  Merchandise was out and sound check was done.   


We were so stoked to have Cruel Miracle – our favorite rock band from Boston rock us into the evening hours.  In between music sets we had a few raffles and giveaways.  We got generous donations from Lords of Gastown and Mario Nico Salon, in addition to our Motorwolf swag, which included one LOBO riding vest.  After the raffles, Cruel Miracle rocked another kick ass set and played a new song for the first time.  Some nipple polaroids also happened but enough of that….  what goes on at a Motorwolf event stays at a Motorwolf event!

So if you were there, THANK YOU.  If you donated online, THANK YOU.  If you texted or called us before and after to see how it was, THANK YOU.  Every single one of you helped make this event a success.  We feel extremely fortunate to have good people around us who supported this crazy venture that we put together in about 5 days.

… and the best part, we were able to help Puerto Rico with your donations!


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