Motorwolf Long Distance Riders Club (Motorwolf LDRC) is a club for motorcycle riders and enthusiasts, dedicated to impulse motorcycle touring and exploration.

Our intention is to make Motorwolf LDRC a network of adventure and touring motorcyclists.  A community that inspires each other to travel. To open themselves to experience the world we live in and learn of different cultures through adventure traveling.  Motorwolf LDRC fundamental goal is to promote cultural understanding through motorcycle touring and long distance riding.


1.     Individuals |  Lone Wolves

Motorwolf LDRC is open to all individual motorcycle riders, interested in being part of our network of adventure, touring, and long distance riders. We encourage each individual member or "Lone Wolf" to have an active participation in our Club Forums. To share experiences and observations during their rides. To help other individual and Chapter members whenever possible. And to promote our Riding Club and its image.

2.     Chapters |  Wolf Packs

A group of individual members can form an organized Motorwolf Chapter (“Wolf Pack”).  Chapters can be created in cities, towns, states or countries with a minimum of at least 3 Members. The Chapter’s initial "Lead Members" should be appointed as President, Vice-President, and Secretary/Treasurer. Thereafter, these Chapter positions will be voted upon by the Chapter’s Members yearly. Motorwolf LDRC would provide guides for new chapters to organize themselves and set individual roles.

Motorwolf LDRC Chapters (“Wolf Packs”) are NOT created as traditional Motorcycle Club organizations.  We are a Riding Club.

The Motorwolf LDRC chapters are simply a fun way to connect with a group of friends and like-minded individuals to ride with, in your city or town. An organized Chapter can help its members coordinate, promote, and attend motorcycle rides, events, and tours. The reason to have "Lead Members" in the Chapters is to ensure the effectiveness of Club communications and organization of such rides and events. The Chapter Lead Members will oversee the Chapter observation of the CODE, organize the Chapter's rides and events, communicate Club business to the Chapter’s Members, and handle all Chapter questions in a fair manner.

3.     The One Eleven - 1:11

The One Eleven Board (1:11) consists of the Lobo founding member, plus the eleven founding members of the Motorwolf LDRC assigned by Lobo during the first year of the Club’s life.

The 1:11 will oversee the Club-wide observation of the CODE, and the fair and just handling of all Club topics; including, but not limited to, the modification of the CODE, Club documents, complete records of Membership information and Club history, the organization of Club-wide events, and all other Club-wide votes and decisions.


Members may attend any Motorwolf LDRC event or activity and will be expected to adhere to common social good conduct. We expect our members to maintain the integrity of the Motorwolf LDRC name and image while wearing the image of Motorwolf LDRC or representing the Club. To maintain active membership, each individual member is encouraged to attend a minimum of 3 Rides and 2 Motorcycle Events a year wearing and/or representing the Motorwolf LDRC. Basically, we want you to participate!


Rides can be local, state, national, or international. Rides can be in group, or can also be individual rides that the member promotes as his Motorwolf LDRC personal rides through social media channels.

Motorcycle Events

Motorcycle events can be local, state, national, or international rallies, fundraisers, motorcycle blessings, parties, etc.
For Motorwolf LDRC Chapters, each shall designate meeting times and locations. Each Chapter is encouraged to meet at least once every month. Every member is also encouraged to be vocal and vote in the Chapter  and overall Club matters.
Participation in our Club Forums is ideal for keeping the health of the Club communication and functions.
Motorwolf LDRC members are welcomed to participate in our Club programs and games. These activities are voluntary and are meant to enhance the members experience with the club.


Ride Far Games:  Each member to "capture" as many flags as he or she rides in different geographic borders. The game is divided in International and Countries (USA and Canada only). The program includes special insignias awarded for the members reaching predetermined levels.  

Goodwill Wolves:  Through this program we motivate our members to plan and execute social activities or charity as part of their rides. The idea is to bring purpose to the rides, promoting cultural reach, and good will.


Applying for membership for the Motorwolf LDRC is a simple and streamlined process.  Simply apply online following the instructions in our JOIN US page. You will receive an email containing a welcome package with the following considerations:

1.    Membership Application

Sign and complete the Motorwolf LDRC Membership Application, indicating an agreement to abide by, and maintain the integrity of the Motorwolf LDRC CODE.

2.    Membership Fees

You will get a link to pay on-line the initial membership fee of $34 + shipping (USD). This fee covers the cost of your Club patches, shipping costs, and will also help with the cost of maintaining our website. Membership is not granted until this fee is paid. Membership Fees are non-refundable.

3.    Use of image and Social Media

The welcome package will contain also a clause for the applicant to grant Motorwolf LDRC permission to use their photographs and social media posts, for the purposes of promoting the image of the Club in our website, and all of Motorwolf Inc. media outlets.
Motorwolf LDRC highly encourages the use of social media channels, such as Instagram or Facebook, as a way to keep the network of members connected. The Club also asks for every member to participate actively in our Forums, sharing and exchanging ideas according to our Mission.

Open Membership
Motorwolf LDRC is an open membership network of motorcycle riders. Any rider can join our community regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or nationality.

Motorcycle Requirements
We are not a motorcycle brand specific, neither a motorcycle style specific club. Any bike used for the purpose of adventure/touring travels is welcomed. Members must possess a valid motorcycle operator’s license or permit, along with current motorcycle insurance according to the State or Country of residence.

Motorwolf LDRC is a Non-Exclusive Riding Club with minimal formalities. Our members are free to be a member of any other Motorcycle Club. The Club encourages you to wear our image in local or international rides o events, but is not mandatory.

Although Motorwolf LDRC is an open membership Riding Club. We reserve the rights to disassociate, suspend, or terminate any relationship, with any member whose conduct misrepresent the interest, image, and mission of the Club.


Our logo consists of a rough Wolf head with thunderbolts eyes, over crossed pistons. The logotype is completed with an arched lettering in custom font reading "Motorwolf".
The Motorwolf LDRC Wolf & Pistons is our symbol of adventure with attitude. A wolf that can travel distances in a pack, or alone. The lighting bolts eyes look for the excitement of riding and explore new horizons, the two pistons are symbols of the way we travel.
The primary Club colors are Black, White, and Tan. As a direct color representation of paved roads and dirt roads.
If you decide to wear and display the Motorwolf LDRC patch, here are a few considerations:

Back Patch: The Wolf head must be always resting on top of the Motorwolf word. The separation between these patches should be approximately 2 inches from the end of the wolf nose to the top of the arch. The patch should be visually close to image A below.

The LD/RC patch must be placed centered below the Motorwolf patch. Aligned approximately to the lower tip of the "M" and "F" of the work Motorwolf. (See sample image below)

Personal ID flags: Instead of a third back patch identifying a pack or lone wolf location. Motorwolf LDRC propose the use of small discreet flag patches in front of the member vest or riding jacket. ID flags should be sewn on the top left (heart side) of the riding garment. It can be just your country of residence or origin, but also your State can be also added.

To standardize the look of the Club in this regard, Motorwolf LDRC has entered in a partnership with a supplier for these flags. The flags would be available at . (See sample image below)

Ride Far Games: For members participating in the flag chasing, standardized flags would be available at We will provide every flag for the participating Club members, who by the rules of the game, validate their ridings on each State, or Country, depending on the level in which the member is doing.

Participating members in the Ride Far Games can, if desired, display their "captured flags" in the lower back of their riding vest or jacket. Every flag would be available at (See sample image below)

Arm Patch: The "Wolf & Piston" solo patch is suggested to be placed on the left upper arm of any riding jacket of top garment. (See sample image below).

Other than these considerations, members can customize (or not) their riding gear any way they want. The Club just observes that the Motorwolf LDRC logo is not compromised by such personal customizations. Motorwolf LDRC property, insignias, patches and pins may not be transferred or re-assigned to another person without approval of Chapter or Club Leadership.


Motorwolf LDRC was founded and created by Miguel Oldenburg "Lobo" founding member. The Club name, and all branding representing Motorwolf LDRC is property of Motorwolf Inc. The Motorwolf Corporation hereafter reserve all rights to the control and design of the Motorwolf LDRC colors, name, copyrights, state mark, and federal trademark. Motorwolf Inc., and the Lobo founding member will always maintain ownership of Motorwolf LDRC, to ensure the Club is lead in the path set forth by their vision. No Motorwolf LDRC member may reproduce the Motorwolf LDRC image on any clothing, apparel, accessories, or any media without express written permission of Motorwolf Inc. However, Motorwolf LDRC image can be reproduced on flyers and chapter/individual ride promotions, at the discretion of each chapter or individual rider.


Motorwolf LDRC is a non-partisan entity, and does not promote political activism of any kind. As such, Motorwolf LDRC image must be never represented at political rallies, campaigns, activities, demonstrations, or any other event meant to promote a political agenda. The Motorwolf LDRC name and image must never be associated with a member's personal political or religious beliefs.


Membership with the Motorwolf LDRC is voluntary. As such, Motorwolf Inc. and the Motorwolf LDRC shall not be held responsible for any acts of God, negligence, members, or other motorists, that result in injury or death. Motorwolf LDRC promotes the safe operation and riding of motorcycles.


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